Sponsorship Price List

2019 Price lists: 

The special discounts below are exclusive to BSBS with over 50% off the regular prices.


Transit ads for 6 months/24 weeks (All options are 24wks in length but could be extended for free if space remains open)

Option 1: 10 interior bus/subway panels on TO, York or Durham transit for 6 months @ $901.75

Option 2: 1 exterior bus back panel on TO, York or Durham tranist for 6 months @ $1,542.50

Option 3: 1 exterior bus side panel on TO, York or Durham transit for 6 months @ $3,045


Transit ads for 3 month/12 Weeks: Combination of options for a $5,000 sponsorship. (All options are 12wks in length but could be extened for free if space remains open)

Option 1: Bus/subway interiors- 50 posters

Option 2: Bus backs- 4 posters

Option 3: Station poster-2 posters

Option 4: Station poster- 1 poster and bus backs- 2 posters

Option 5: Bus/subway interiors- 25 posters and Station poster- 1 poster


GTA Billboard Pricing

1 billboard for 4 weeks @ $1,706.25 (Regular price $3,281.25) Note: This is the average cost for a billboard in the GTA. Some billboards could be more depending on their location.)

Rural Billboards outside the GTA 

1 billboard for 4 weeks from $1,100 - $1,500


Note: The above pricing and duration represents a discount of over 50% that is exclusive through our ministry and our partnership with Pattison Outdoors


Pricing for Litter bins and community benches

$1,260 to $$3,675 depending on the location for 12 months

Provider: Creative Outdoors


Note: All transit Ads will featured the Bus Stop Bible Studies logo and all Gospel ads on billboards, litter bins and benches will feature the Why Jesus Media logo. Why Jesus Media is a division of  Bus Stop Bible Studies. (www.whyjesusmedia.com)


Please call us today at: (416) 234-0555 to donate or sponsor your gospel ads on transit, billboards, litter bins or benches for your church and community. Your donations and sponsorships are making an eternal investment in souls.


Please send your sponsorship cheques to the address below.

Bus Stop Bible Studies 

Box 364 - 1920 Ellesmere Road  

Scarborough, ON M1H 3G1




If there is any change in pricing subsequent to a sponsorship order being received, the sponsor will be notified promptly of any such change and have the right to cancel prior to confirmation and commencement of production and/or posting.