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While Bus Stop Bible Studies is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, it recognizes that infrastructure is required to maximize the potential reach of the ministry.

In Canada approximately 80% of the population lives in urban centres, most of which are served by the more than one-hundred public transit companies.

Bus Stop Bible studies is seeking individuals, acting as independent agents, who have a passion for the Word of God, motivated see it publicly displayed. This opportunity is for the interested individual(s) to reach out to church and ministry leaders, Christian business owners, etc. within defined territories, to solicit sponsorship of Bus Stop Bible Study panels.

The Distribution Program is an ideal opportunity for retired or semi-retired individuals wishing to supplement their income, or individuals who are already servicing the Christian church and or business community and seeking an additional product offering.

Bus Stop Bible Studies abides by Canada Revenue Agency’s Fundraising Guidelines.

For further information please contact David Harrison, President, Bus Stop Bible Studies (888) 428-7786.

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